”INDIAN SPECTROPHYSICS ASSOCIATIONS – (ISPA)” Started on April 23, 1998, by well-known Professor, Researcher, Scientist Dr.S.Gunasekaran, M.sc, Ph.D, D.Sc., Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) is the peak of a strong belief that enlightening minds and empowering them through Spectroscopy and Physical Phenomena is way for battling and eliminating social evils and uplifting by the society. Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) through its initiatives provides access not only for quality education in spectroscopy and its applications, enhance innovative researches, but also inculcates values, commitment and dedication to the society, thus helping to build a strong future for every researcher like a Spectrum of Physics.

The seed for Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) was first sown when a few like minded people came together to give shape to their dreams of transforming the society by equipping every researcher with their continued education in spectroscopy. The objectives and goals of the Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) as given below,

ISPA Objectives

  •  To inculcate awareness on fundamentals, Motivations, developing Innovative and Creative thoughts in Science and Technologies through Spectrophysics.
  •  To serve students and public with the principles ‘service ‘is the motto and Spectrophysics for all.
  •  To familiarize the students with scientific research and the Concepts of Spectrophysics.
  •  To publish popular book/journals in Spectrophysics (English/Tamil).
  •  To promote Spectrophysics and its scientific notions through mass media.
  •  To raise funds by Members, Subscription, Donation, Grants-in-aids, Endowments, Benefits of Performance or other means for the acquisition of movable or immovable properties for use of the society.
  •  To institute awards for scientific inventions/discoveries.
  •  To make rules and bye-laws for the proper conduct of the affairs of the society.
  •  To constitute such committee or committee as the society may deem fit.
  •  To constitute such committee Chapters in entire National and Internationals.
  •  To administer the society for the purposes mentioned.
  •  To delegate all or any its powers to executive committee or to any of its powers to the executive committee or to any of the committee constituted by it.

Goals of ISPA

Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) strongly believes in filliping the Gen-Next and aims to create a panoramic young generation, to concern more about science and society through more than conducting conferences and seminars, ISPA has few effective plans to be adopted in the welfare of binding science and society.

  •  ISPA has a plan to render its knowledge service to the selected rural schools, to reinforce the practical knowledge in Higher Secondary Physics.
  •  To impart the quality of learning among the school students, ISPA planned to organize thought provoking talks on “Self-Motivation of Gen-Next”.
  •  To make Physics students to expertise in electronics, ISPA scheduled to organize “Hands on Training on Electronics - Microprocessor based experiments”.
  •  ISPA also involved in carving young minds by organizing talks on “Genre Development for Inspiring Innovations” to the college students.
  •  ISPA plans to conduct debates, quiz and essay writing competitions among school students to emphasize the value of science education.
  •  ISPA would like to extend its responsibility by providing manifest ideas to the scientific questions raised by common public.
  •  ISPA planned to publish a book on the novel and day to day applications of Spectrophysics based on the research outcome of ISPA research group, for a common man.
  •  ISPA would like to deploy the human resources in the development of society through science, by conducting various awareness programmes to protect nature.
  •  ISPA has a vision to celebrate and commemorate the inventions and innovations of various scientists through science popularization activities.
  •  ISPA encourages the inventions of new Bio materials, Eco friendly inventions towards the advancements by publishing a column about the invention on the title “Spell bound Inventions” in ISPA web.



"To excite young minds to emit their scientific thoughts"
"Bring out and scatter the philosophy involved in science of nature to all and sundry "


Position Name
Founder & President Dr.S.Gunasekaran
Patron Dr.S.Mohan
Vice President Dr.B.Krishnan
Dr.Sheela Mutunayagam
General Secretaries Dr.Manimegalai
Secretaries Dr.R.Jegannathan
Dr.Leela Abraham
Join Secretaries Dr.M.Thilak Kumar
Dr.Hemamalini Rajagopal
Treasurers Dr.T.S.Renuga Devi
Executive Members Dr.C.Santhamma
Dr.Lalji Dixit
Dr.K.P.Rajappa Nair
Dr.T.Chidhambara Dhanu
Legal Advisors Mr.Govindarajan-GV Associates
Mr.Arul Kumaran
System Coordinators Mr.P.Kuppuraj

Profile of Founder of ISPA

Dr. S.Gunasekaran, Dean (R&D), St. Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research,St. Peter’s University, Avadi, Chennai – 600 054. Professor and Head (Retd.), Postgraduate and Research Department of Physics, Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai – 600 030 is a sincere teacher, avid researcher and able administrator. He completed his under graduation in Physics at Presidency College, Chennai and his post graduation at St.Joseph’s College, Trichy. He obtained the Ph.D. Degree from Anna University, Chennai in the field of Spectroscopy. He is conferred with Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from University of Madras in 2011.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran began his teaching career at Pachaiyappa’s College in 1978. He commenced research activities at Pachaiyappa’s College in 1991, has successfully guided 61 Ph.D. Research Scholars and many more are pursuing research under his guidance. His fields of interest in research being applications of spectroscopy in diverse fields of physical sciences as (i) Materials Science (ii) Molecular Dynamics (iii) Medical Physics and (iv) Environmental Science. He has 256 + publications to his credit in highly reputed International and National Journals. Dr. S. Gunasekaran's, as a result of his voluminous research work has been acting/acted as referee for many International and National Journals.

Dr.S.Gunasekaran is the Founder President of Indian SpectroPhysics Association (ISPA), a registered scientific society. Under the banner of this brain child ISPA, he has successfully organized 5 International Conferences, 10 National Conferences and 15 Annual Technical Seminars in Physical Sciences for PG and M.Phil Students since 1999.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran is honoured by an award For Excellence in the Spheres of Academic, Research and administration in August 2013 by Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai, Tamil Nadu. He is awarded for his achievement in the field of Higher Education by St. Joseph’s College in Josephites Re-Union 2013, Trichy. Dr. S. Gunasekaran is awarded with “Best Teacher Award” by Lion’s Club International, Chennai and Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai. Dr. S. Gunasekaran's dedicated services to teaching and research are suitably rewarded with many awards. Dr.S.Gunasekaran is conferred with “Life Time Achievement Award” in March 2012 for his contribution in the field of Science and Technology during National Conference on SpectroPhysics NCRAP 2012. Dr. S. Gunasekaran is bestowed with “Certificate of Appreciation” by D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai and also he is honored by the Indian SpectroPhysics Association (ISPA) and by Dr. M.G.R. University, Chennai on his having been conferred with Doctor of Science (D.Sc). He is conferred with “Eminent Scientist Award” in 2010 by His Holiness Jagadguru Kanchi Sankaracharya, Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal for his outstanding contribution to Science and Technology.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran has been awarded with “Research Guide Achievement Award” for his outstanding research in the field of Spectroscopy during NCRAP 2008. During the Conference Dr. S. Gunasekaran is also awarded with “Psychometric Educational Services Award” by The GCC School of Creative Intelligence and Research Foundation Trust, Veppur-Arcot for his valuable services and contributions to the Human Resource Development. He is bestowed with “Certificate of Appreciation” for the successful conduct of the unique technical seminars for the PG and M.Phil students during X State Level Technical Seminar in Physical Sciences in 2008. He is presented with “Certificate of Appreciation” by the Journal, Spectrochimca Acta in 2007 for having the highest number of citations for one of his research articles.

Dr.S.Gunasekaran is presented with “Research Scientist Award” by Ethiraj College for Women during its Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2003. He is honored with Teacher's Day Award by Lion’s Club of Anna Nagar in 2007. He is presented with Twelve Best Paper Presentation Awards in International and National Conferences. Dr. S. Gunasekaran has been awarded Dr. P. Ramasamy Award for the Best Physics Student of the year during his post-graduation studies at St. Joseph's College, Trichy.

Dr. S. Gunasekaran, in addition to his regular academic and research work at the University level, is extending his sincere and committed service to the School Education also. He diligently carries out multidimensional activities serving as Member, Syllabus Revision Committee and Chairperson, Book writing committee, Government of Tamilnadu. He has authored 14 books for Higher Secondary Physics, Secondary Science and Environmental Education, all both in Tamil and English medium.

Dr .S. Gunasekaran joined as Registrar , Periyar University, Salem in 2008 and served for three years extending his diligent administrative responsibilities effectively in various aspects. He took necessary efforts to present Sir. C.V. Raman Awards for both faculty members and students for their outstanding contribution in research during National Science Day Celebrations.


Spectroscopy is one of the pioneering fields of research and finds applications in all branches of science. With the sophistication in instrumentation due to improvement in technology and availability of efficient data analysis software, spectroscopy has become an indispensable tool and the results are applied in all fields of science far and wide be it in physics, chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, forensic science, nano science and so on and so forth.

He is associated with this wonderful field of Spectroscopy for the past thirty five years. He is guiding students since 1991 ever since the Dept. of Physics, Pachaiyappa’s College has been upgraded as Research Department. I have so far guided 61 students for their Ph.D. Degrees and some more students are pursuing their research under my guidance. I have also guided more than 160 students for their M.Phil. Degree.

List of Candidates Awarded Ph.D. Degree under the Guidance of Dr.S.Gunasekaran

S.No Name Month & Year Title
1 Dr. M. Rathnakumari November 1996 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Selected Industrial Polymers
2 Dr. S. Xavier Jesuraja December 1996 Fourier Transform Infrared and Laser Raman Spectroscopic Investigations on Some Polyatomic Molecules and their Vibrational Analysis
3 Dr.P. Arulmozhi Chelvan September 1998 Spectroscopic and Microwave Measurements of Some Crystalline, Ceramic, Polyatomic and Pharmaceutical Materials
4 Dr. S. R. Varadhan November 1998 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Inorganic, Organic, Crystalline and Pollutant Samples
5 Dr. J. Marshal December 1998 Spectroscopic Investigation of Some Polyatomic and Biological Molecules
6 Dr. K. Srinivasan January 1999 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Selected Compounds of Commercial Importance
7 Dr. Usha Rao January 2000 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Selected Organic, Inorganic, Crystalline, Biological and Pharmaceutical Importance
8 Dr. M. Parasuraman February 2002 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Compounds of Commercial and Pharmaceutical Importance
9 Dr. S. Shreemathi May 2002 Spectroscopic Measurements on Some Explosive Materials and Analysis of Potential Factors for Incidence and Growth of Cancer
10 Dr. R. Jagannathan May 2002 Spectroscopic and Dielectric Investigation of Some Samples of Industrial Importance
11 Dr. Leela Abraham July 2002 Spectroscopic Analysis on Some Samples of Pharmaceutical and Biological Importance
12 Dr. Shiela Mutunayagam September 2002 Spectroscopic Measurements of Pollutants and Analysis of Pollution Control
13 Dr. A. Subramanyam October 2002 Microwave and Spectroscopic Measurements on Some Materials of Industrial and Pharmaceutical Importance
14 Dr. K. Manimegalai August 2003 Investigation of Biotic Fluids by Spectroscopic Methods
15 Dr. P. Rajkumar January 2004 FTIR, FTR and UV-VIS Spectral Investigation on Some Pharmaceutical and Biological Materials
16 Dr. Hemamalini Rajagopal January 2004 Spectroscopic Investigation and Characterization of Some Industrial Thermoplastic Polymers
17 Dr. G. Sankari October 2004 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Materials of Pharmaceutical and Biological Interest
18 Dr. S. Ponnusamy March 2005 Growth and Characterization of Some Non-Linear Optical (NLO) Crystals
19 Dr.V.Sathyanarayanamoorthy April 2005 Quantum Mechanical Studies on Solvent effect and Molecular Conformational Analysis of certain Halo Alkenes
20 Dr. S. Muthu June 2005 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Pharmaceutical and Biological Importance
21 Dr. B. Krishnan October 2005 Spectroscopic and Ultrasonic Investigation on Some Materials of Industrial and Pharmaceutical Importance
22 Dr. S. Srinivasan February 2006 Molecular mechanics Calculations of some organic Compounds
23 Dr. M. Thilak Kumar July 2006 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some antiepileptic and adrenergic drugs
24 Dr. M. Kanchana Devi July 2006 Spectroscopic Investigation on Some antidiabetic drugs and diabetes mellitus
25 Dr. G. Anbalagan February 2007 Structural Investigation, Thermal Analysis and Dielectric Studies on some Natural Carbonate Minerals.
26 Dr. Sayeeda Sulthana March 2007 Synthesis and characterization of some co-polyesters by spectroscopic and thermal analysis
27 Dr. T. S. Renuga Devi July 2007 Spectroscopic analysis of lipid disorders and study on the quality and efficacy of statins and fibrates..
28 Dr. R. Rathikha December 2007 Spectrophysical Investigation on some samples of pharmaceutical, biological and agricultural importance.
30 Dr. S. Seshadri January 2008 Spectroscopic analysis on some pharmaceutical and characterization of cardiac blood samples.
31 Dr. D. Shyamala February 2008 Growth and characterization of some non-linear optical crystals.
32 Dr. P. Abitha June 2008 Characterization of some ceramic materials by spectroscopic, dielectric and XRD techniques
33 Dr. E. Sailatha July 2008 Spectroscopic analysis on some pharmaceutical formulations and characterization of certain biological materials.
34 Dr. D. Uthra July 2008 Analysis of some materials of Pharmaceutical and biological interests - Spectroscopic Approach
35 Dr. V. Renganayaki September 2008 Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of some materials of pharmaceutical, biological and agro chemical significance by spectroscopic methods.
36 Dr. A. Kala September 2008 Investigation on physico-mechanical and dielectric properties of some vulcanized, reinforced and blended rubber materials.
37 Dr. J. Balaji July 2008 Spectroscopic, physical, chemical and ultrasonic investigation on some materials of technological importance.
38 Dr. B. Anitha December 2008 Structural Investigation and quality analysis on some anti infective drugs by spectroscopic methods.
39 Dr. S. Kumaresan June 2009 Vibrational spectral studies on some anti cancerous drugs
40 Dr. A. Julie October 2009 Spectroscopic, Thermal and dielectric studies on some rubber and polymeric materials.
41 Dr. M. Balakrishnan October 2009 Analysis of water pollutants by spectroscopic methods and assessment of Ground water quality in and around chemical, pharmaceutical, tannery, petroleum & dyeing sites
42 Dr. R. Arun Balaji April 2010 Molecular confirmation studies on some anti convulsant drugs
43 Dr. S. Djodilatchoumy August 2011 A computational model for the characterization of diseased blood and analysis on the efficacy of chemotherapy using spectral data
44 Dr. G. Anand April 2012 Growth and Characterization of some NLO crystals
45 Dr. S. Jayakumaran May 2012 Spectroscopic investigation on some Biological materials
46 Dr. E. Krishnamurthy June 2012 Spectroscopic investigation, ab-initio calculation and thermal analysis on some anhydrous natural carbonate minerals
47 Dr. R. Rajalakshmi August 2012 Spectral Analysis of Veterinary Vaccines on Animals
48 Dr. G. Devi September 2012 Spectroscopic Analysis of Healthy and Cancerous Breast tissues
49 Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan October 2012 FTIR, FT Raman And UV Spectra & Quantum Chemical Investigation of Some Cardiovascular Drugs
50 Dr. R. Meenakshi October 2012 Experimental And Theoretical Spectroscopic Investigation On Some Anti anginal Drugs
51 Dr. A. Bright December 2012 Spectrometric Investigation on some Pharmaceutical and Biological materials
52 Dr. V. Padmapriya June 2013 Growth and Characterization of some active Organo metallic NLO crystals
53 Dr. N. Giri February 2014 13C NMR, Laser Raman, FTIR, UV and Photon correlation spectroscopic studies on nanocomposites and antimicrobial study of nano fibres to medical applications
54 Dr. K. Shanthi April 2014 Spectroscopic Analysis on some food supplements and study on the efficacy of Dietary Proteins
55 Dr. T. Gnanasambandan Thesis Submitted in November2013 Awaiting Viva-Voce Examination Spectroscopic Investigation on some Pharmaceutical Materials
56 Dr. K. Raja Lakshmi Thesis Submitted in April 2014 Awaiting Viva-Voce Examination Spectroscopic and Molecular structural Investigations on Antibiotic and Antituberculosis
57 Dr. S. Azhagiri Thesis Submitted in April 2014 Awaiting Viva-Voce Examination Quantum Chemical studies on the Molecular Geometry, Vibrational Spectra, Frontier molecular orbital and Non-Linear optical properties of some aniline derivative compounds
58 Mr. P. Rajesh Thesis Submitted Awaiting for Viva-Voce Examination Quantum Chemical Calculations and Spectroscopic Analysis of some Pharmaceutical Materials
59 Mr. Lawrence Thesis Submitted Awaiting for Viva-Voce Examination Growth and Characterization of some Organic and Semi-Organic Non-Linear Optical (NLO) Crystals
60 Mr. Senthil Thesis Submitted Awaiting for Viva-Voce Examination Isolation, Characterization and Molecular Conformational Analysis on Alkaloids of some Toda Medicinal plants by FTIR,FT Raman, UV-Visible, GCMS and NMR Spectroscopic Methods
61 Mr. P. Moorthi Thesis Submitted Awaiting for Viva-Voce Examination FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV-Vis, NMR Spectra and Quantum Chemical studies on some Pharmaceutical Materials

Awards Conferred

1.  Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Conferred by the University of Madras.
2.  Tamil Nadu Scientist Award 2013 (TANSA’13) in Physical Sciences, conferred by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology.
3.  Life Time Achievement Award, conferred by Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA), Chennai.
4.  Eminent Scientist Award, Conferred by Jagadguru Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal.
5.  Certificate of Appreciation, presented by Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA), Chennai.
6.  Award for Excellence in the Spheres of Teaching, Research and Administration, conferred by Sri Vidya Mandir College of Arts and Science, Uthangarai.
7.  Outstanding service in the field of Higher Education Award, conferred by Alumni Association of St. Joseph College, Tiruchirappalli.
8.  Research Appreciation Award, presented by D.G. Vaishnav College.
9.  Research Guide Achievement Award, conferred by ISPA, Chennai.
10.  Certificate of appreciation presented by Meenakshi College for women, Chennai.
11.  Psychometric Educational Services Award presented by GCs School of Creative Intelligence and Research Foundation Trust.
12.  Certificate of Appreciation, presented by the Journal, Spectrochimica Acta A
13.  Awards for the Best Paper Presentation, during International /National Conferences - 15 awards
14.  Best Teacher Award, conferred by Lions Clubs International, 2013-2014.
15.  Teacher's Day Award, presented by Pachaiyappa’s college, Chennai.
16.  Teacher's Day Award, conferred by Lions Club, Anna Nagar, Chennai.
17.  Best Physics Student Award, presented by St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli.

More Achievements

Papers Presented in Conferences National: 194
International: 598
Publication of Books 28 books for Higher Secondary Physics and Secondary Science – Both in Tamil and English Medium (Tamil Nadu Text book Corporation Govt. of Tamil Nadu)
Conferences/Seminars/workshops organised International Conferences: 194
National Conferences: 598
State Level Seminars: 15
Invited Talks delivered / chaired the Sessions in International/ National Conferences International Conferences: 16
National Conferences: 78
Referee for Journals 9 Journals
Establishment of Research Laboratories 1. Established Spectrophysics Research Laboratory at Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai, housed with highly sophisticated instruments like Spectrofluorometer, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Microwave test benches, ultrasonic interferometers etc.

2. Established Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility (SAIF-SPU) at St. Peter’s University, Avadi, Chennai, housed with highly sophisticated Fourier Transform Infrared - ATR Spectrophotometer, UV-Visible – DRS Spectrophotometer and Photo Luminescence Spectrometer.
Institution of Endowment Awards Instituted 12 endowment awards, in the name of my mother, “Smt.Salammal Sethuraman”, to motivate school and college students to pursue higher studies.

Total Service Started from Assistant Professor / Associate Professor and Head/Registrar/ Dean (R&D)

S.No Designation & Office address Period Nature of duties/responsibilities
From To
1 Assistant Professor Post Graduate Department of Physics Pachaiyappa's College Chennai-30 1978 1986 i) Teaching for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Classes

ii) Guiding Projects for Post Graduate Students
2. Lecturer (Senior Scale) Post Graduate Department of Physics Pachaiyappa's College Chennai-30 1986 1991 i) Teaching for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Classes

ii) Guiding Projects for Post Graduate Students
3. Reader Post Graduate and Research Department of Physics Pachaiyappa's College Chennai- 1991 2008 i) Teaching for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Classes

ii) Guiding Projects for Post Graduate Students

iii) Guiding the students for their research leading to Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree
4. Registrar Periyar University Salem – 11 11.08.08 11.08.11 i) Administration

ii) Guiding the students for their research leading to Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree
5. Associate Professor and Head Post Graduate and Research Department of Physics Pachaiyappa's College Chennai-30 12.08.11 31.05.13 i) Heading the department

ii) Teaching for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Classes

iii) Guiding Projects for Post Graduate Students

iv) Guiding the students for their research leading to Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree
6. Dean Research and Development St.Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research St. Peter’s University Avadi, Chennai–600 054. 16.09.13 Till date i) Promoting Academic and Research Programmes in the University.

ii) Guiding the Students for their Research Leading to Ph.D.

iii) Offering Consultancy to the industries and Medical departments