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Watch inspirational speech delivered by Dr.S.Gunasekaran

Posted on January 10th, 2016

Watch Founder and President of Indian Spectrophysics Association Dr.S.Gunasekaran delivering inspirational speech to our young generation. Click here to see.

A Milestone of Founder President of ISPA Dr.S.Gunasekaran

Posted on December 20th, 2015

Dr.S.Gunasekaran Indian Spectrophysics Association

Dr.S.Gunasekaran,Indian Spectrophysics Association (ISPA).

       Founder President of  India Spectrophysics Association (ISPA) has successfully guided  60 Ph.D. scholars. His  60th candidate  Mr. K. Senthilkannan is defending his thesis on 29.12.2015, at PG & Research Department of Physics, Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai. We, the members of ISPA are so excited and feel proud about the guiding excellency of our beloved Professor Dr.S.Gunasekaran. With love and affection, here a small poem from ISPA  Members for our beloved Academic Father  Dr.S.Gunasekaran. (read more…)


Posted on June 9th, 2015

Spectroscopy pertains to the dispersion of an object’s light into its component colors (i.e. energies). By performing this dissection and analysis of an object’s light, astronomers can infer the physical properties of that object (such as temperature, mass, luminosity and composition).

But before we hurtle headlong into the wild and woolly field of spectroscopy, we need to try to answer some seemingly simple questions, such as what is light? And how does it behave? These questions may seem simple to you, but they have presented some of the most difficult conceptual challenges in the long history of physics. It has only been in this century, with the creation of quantum mechanics that we have gained a quantitative understanding of how light and atoms work. You see, the questions we pose are not always easy, but to understand and solve them will unlock a new way of looking at our Universe.


Posted on June 9th, 2015

When I was asked to choose a scientific subject for my lecture I had no difficulty at all in choosing the subject of “Why the sky is blue.” Fortunately, nature has been kind today; as I look up and see, the sky is blue: not everywhere, as there are many clouds. I chose this subject for the simple reason that this is an example of something you do not have to go to the laboratory to see. Just look up look at the sky. And I think it is also an example of the spirit of science. You learn science by keeping your eyes and ears open and looking around at this world. The real inspiration of science, at least to me, has been essentially the love of nature. Really, in this world, wherever we see, we see all kind of miracles happening in nature. To me, everything I see is something incredible something absolutely incredible. We take it all for granted. But I think the essence of the scientific spirit is to look behind and beyond and to realize what a wonderful world it is that we live in. And everything that we see presents to us not a subject for curiosity, but a challenge, a challenge to the spirit of man to try to understand something of this vast mystery that surrounds us.

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Boson, Higgs Boson and LHC

Posted on June 9th, 2015

What is Boson?
The universe is made up of two classes of particles: bosons and fermions. Bosons obey Bose-Einstein statistics – a collection of them can condense together into a state where the particles are indistinguishable. This theory was developed by SN Bose and expanded by Einstein. The special state of matter, called Bose-Einstein condensate, was created in 1995. All bosons can condense into the state at very low temperatures.

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